Stoic Camp

Epictetus-6Welcome to the (forthcoming) 2017 edition of Stoic Camp, an event partially sponsored by the Department of Philosophy at the City College of New York!

The 2017 handbook is here!

[Handbooks from previous editions: 2016; 2015]

Dates: August 31-September 3, 2017

Registration: closed, but there is a waiting list here.

Handbook: available soon, stay tuned

Join Greg (founder and organizer of the NYC Stoics) and Massimo (professor of philosophy at CUNY and founder and organizer of The Stoic School of Life) for an intensive introduction to the theory and practice of Stoicism at Stoic Camp NY 2017!

Over the course of 4 days and 3 nights, attendees will be guided through the philosophy of Stoicism. We will use ancient texts almost exclusively as our starting point. From there, we will discuss how the ancient philosophy of Stoicism can be updated and practiced in the modern world.

Since this is an intensive introduction, it will be suitable for complete beginners. But given the intensive nature of the retreat, people familiar with Stoicism will also get quite a bit out of it (fate permitting). This year will feature a new curriculum centered around the four virtues and featuring readings primarily from Seneca. The curriculum for previous years arranged around the Three Disciplines can be found here.

There are only 14 spots available (3 double rooms and 8 single rooms), so be sure to sign up as soon as you are able!

The meetup is being run at cost. Greg and Massimo are not receiving remuneration from the event fees (although their expenses are being covered); all registration funds are going to room, board, and possibly transaction fees (see below).


RSVPing abone will put you on the list for a double room. You can RSVP with a +1, who will be assumed to be your roommate. Unfortunately, we cannot control the demographics of attendees, so if you have strong roommate preferences, we suggest registering with someone you know who you’d be comfortable rooming with. If you prefer a single room, RSVP here.

If you register without a roommate, we’ll ask if you have any preferences concerning your roommate, and will do our best to accommodate you given who registers. But unless you bring someone with you (i.e. register with a +1 ), we unfortunately cannot make any guarantees to meet your preferences. If you do register with someone, you’ll be able to share a double together with no issue.

However, your RSVP does not guarantee you a spot. Your spot will be guaranteed only after payment.

The cost for the camp with a roommate is $350. However, if you choose to pay via a method that has fees (e.g. credit card), your cost will be higher to account for the fees (probably around $380). Methods that don’t have fees include PayPal if you have a PayPal balance or your bank is connected to it, Chase QuickPay if you have Chase, Google Wallet, and more. When you register, I’ll ask how you would like to pay and the contact you to work out the details. If payment is not received 7 days after you register, your spot will be lost.

Registration costs covers a 3-night stay at the Stony Point Center in a double room (i.e. with a roommate) as well as 3 meals a day provided by the center, and transaction fees if applicable.

Should you need to cancel, we may be able to refund some of the money. If someone fills your spot, you will be refunded 50% what you paid minus any additional transaction fees. However, if there is no one who can take your spot, we unfortunately cannot offer a refund, as we are paying Stony Point Center in advance.

Check-in is from 4PM-6PM on Thursday, August 31st. Dinner is at 6PM, followed by the first session at 7PM. Check-out is 2PM on Sunday, September 3rd.

Around July, we will be sending you the Stoic Camp 2017 Handbook, which will have more info concerning Camp and all the required readings (so no need to purchase any books). It is strongly suggested that you complete all the reading before attending camp, but there will be time for review and catch-up if you are unable to finish. You are also responsible for your own transportation to Stony Point Center, which is easily accessible via public transportation from New York City plus a free shuttle pickup. However, once everybody registers, we may be able to arrange carpools or travel together. Stay tuned for details once you register.

If we’re at capacity and you really want to come, RSVPing here will add you to the waitlist for a double room. You will be contacted should a spot open up.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact Greg or Massimo.

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