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Athens-Massimo at stoaArticles, talks, interviews, podcasts and other sources about Stoicism authored by yours truly, or in which I am mentioned. (Most recent at the top of each section. Even more recent entries at my new site.)

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Video introductions to Stoicism:

BBC’s Stoic guide to happiness

How the Stoic embrace of death can help us get a grip on life (Aeon video)

Also, check out my Stoic videos playlist.

Essays not included on this blog (most recent at top):

Human nature matters (on Stoicism and Existentialism, Aeon)

Stoicism and love, not a contradiction (Public Seminar)

Divination from in the Ancient World, from Plato to the Neo-Platonists by way of Aristotle and the Stoics (Journal of Cognitive Historiography)

How to live like a Stoic (New Philosopher)

Infidelity: a Stoic’s perspective (IAI News)

What did the Stoics do for us? (New Humanist)

When I help you, I also help myself: on cosmopolitanism (Aeon)

Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee? The Stoics and Existentialists agree on the answer (with Skye Cleary, IAI News)

Anger is temporary madness: the Stoics knew how to curb it (Aeon)

‪To be happier, focus on what’s within your control (Aeon)

Seneca’s On the Happy Life, a new introduction and commentary (Aeon)

Stoicism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Dying (every day) with dignity: lessons from Stoicism (The Human Prospect)

How to Be a Stoic (New York Times)

Why not Stoicism? (my very first essay on the philosophy, 6 October 2014)

Talks I’ve given about Stoicism:

Modern Stoicism and Virtue Ethics, a talk at the APA Eastern-2018

Do people commit evil out of ignorance?

Stoicism & Death

How I became a Stoic

Stoicism 101

Media appearances (most recent at top):

How to be a Stoic (KROT, in Russian)

Estoicismo: la primera guía de autoayuda de la Historia (El Mundo, in Spanish)

10 trucos de los estoicos para vivir mejor (El Mundo, in Spanish)

Cómo triunfar en la vida sin ser un ‘influencer’ (El Correo, in Spanish)

Ein Stoiker rät: Es ist höchste Zeit, sich zu beruhigen (in German)

How to Be a Stoic (Radio West)

Stoic philosophy & education (Teachers’ Education Review)

The new Stoic, (n by Norwegian, scroll down)

How a skeptic became a Stoic, (Chronicle of Hiher Education)

How to Be a Stoic on the Matt Townsend Show (BYU Radio)

Come vivere bene con lo Stoicismo (La Regione, in Italian)

Come Essere Stoici (, in Italian)

How to be a Stoic on BBC5 Up All Night (hosted by Dotun Adebayo, starts at 3:36)

Dialogue with Robert Wright on the similarities between Stoicism and Buddhism

Come essere Stoici, discussione con Lilli Gruber su La7 (in Italian)

Is self-knowledge overrated? (Scientific American blogs)

How to Be a Stoic, interview with 3:AM magazine

Interview with The Daily Stoic about How To Be A Stoic

Chat on Stoicism as a philosophy of life with Richard Holloway of BBC Scotland (begins at 1:23:49)

Stoicism and/vs Existentialism. A video conversation with Skye Cleary

Would a Stoic keep a secret? Conversation with Skye Cleary of the American Philosophical Association

Interview with Skye Cleary for the American Philosophical Association

QZ magazine interviews yours truly, Ryan Holiday, Skye Cleary and Sandy Grant

Don Robertson interviews me for Modern Stoicism

A conversation with Nigel Warburton where I recommend the five best books on Stoicism

Interview in the Irish Times on whether Stoicism the answer to modern living

An interview with Nigel Warburton for Aeon magazine, on death and Stoicism

How to be a Stoic in Five Easy Lessons, my conversation with CBC’s Tapestry host Mary Hynes

An interview with Ryan Holiday on all things Stoic

Meet the Real Stoics Taking Psychology Back to the 3rd Century BC, Newsweek