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Video introductions to Stoicism:

Essays not included on this blog (most recent at top, my favorite in bold):

Anger is temporary madness: the Stoics knew how to curb it, Aeon magazine

The Stoic knows: 4 rituals that will make you well-liked

Stoici o nostalgici? GC Italia (in italiano)

Rules for modern living from the Ancient Stoics, Wall Street Journal

‪To be happier, focus on what’s within your control

Stoicism for everyday life, Womankind magazine

Seneca’s On the Happy Life, a new introduction and commentary

A Stoic take on the US Presidential elections, in The Philosophers’ Magazine

Stoicism entry for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A secular Stoic perspective on death, Free Inquiry magazine

Dying (every day) with dignity: lessons from Stoicism, The Human Prospect

How to Be a Stoic, in the New York Times

The Stoic egg, Scientia Salon

Why not Stoicism?, Scientia Salon

Talks I’ve given about Stoicism:

Media appearances (most recent at top, my favorite in bold):

How to Be a Stoic on the Hidden Why podcast

Interview with B-sides of Resaearch, on How to Be a Stoic

How to Be a Stoic on the Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio

Come vivere bene con lo Stoicismo (in italiano)

Stoicism on the Simpleconomics podcast

Interview for the Stoic Leaders podcast series

Stoicism, a philosophy for hard times

Come Essere Stoici a (in italiano)

How to be a Stoic on BB5 Up All Night, hosted by Dotun Adebayo (starts at 3:36)

‪‪Breaking down Stoicism, on the Stoic Mettle podcast

Hedonism vs Stoicism, my latest joust with Sandy Grant (which I didn’t know the magazine was putting together… Also, I thought she was an existentialist, not a hedonist. Whatever)

How to Be a Stoic, interview with Philip Ghezelbash

Dialogue with Robert Wright on the similarities between Stoicism and Buddhism

How to Be a Stoic on Future^2

Come essere Stoici, discussione con Lilli Gruber su La7 (in Italian)

Q&A with Deborah Kalb on How to Be a Stoic

Is self-knowledge overrated?

‪Philosophically speaking, let’s talk briefly about Stoicism

Conversation with Dan Kaufman about How to Be a Stoic

How to Be a Stoic, interview with 3:AM magazine

Interview with The Daily Stoic about How To Be A Stoic

Intervista con Chiara Basso su Come Essere Stoici, La Voce di New York (in Italian)

Chat on Stoicism as a philosophy of life with Richard Holloway of BBC Scotland (begins at 1:23:49)

How to Be a Stoic, Weekly Sitdown podcast

Live From the Painted Porch!, with Scott Perry

Read Learn Live podcast: How to Be a Stoic

Stoicism and/vs Existentialism. A video conversation with Skye Cleary

Would a Stoic keep a secret? Conversation with Skye Cleary of the American Philosophical Association

North Star podcast on how to be a Stoic

Interview with Skye Cleary for the American Philosophical Association

QZ magazine interviews yours truly, Ryan Holiday, Skye Cleary and Sandy Grant

Salon / Bold TV interview on Stoicism, the US Presidential election, and my new Stoic School of Life

Don Robertson interviews me for Modern Stoicism

Naked Diner podcast on Stoicism

The RedZone podcast, on Why Stoic Philosophy Now?

Interview with Prokopton about STOICON 2016

A conversation with Nigel Warburton where I recommend the five best books on Stoicism

A short conversation held at Bergen Community College, NJ on “Stoicism: what is it all about?

A conversation with Daniel Fincke and Dan Kauffman about what Stoicism does and does not get right

Part II of an in-depth discussion of some of Seneca’s Letters to Lucilius, over at the Partially Examined Life podcast

Part I of an in-depth discussion of some of Seneca’s Letters to Lucilius, over at the Partially Examined Life podcast

Interview in the Irish Times on whether Stoicism the answer to modern living

A video chat with Bart Campolo, host of the Wonder-Full podcast, on Stoicism and the meaning of life

An interview with Nigel Warburton for Aeon magazine, on death and Stoicism

How to be a Stoic in Five Easy Lessons, my conversation with CBC’s Tapestry host Mary Hynes

A conversation on Secular Buddhism and Neo Stoicism, over at the set of the Secular Buddhist Association

An interview with Ryan Holiday on all things Stoic

A video chat with my colleague Dan Kaufman on “Stoicism, Then and Now

Extended interview with yours truly at the Painted Porch, a Stoic podcast

A conversation on Stoicism between me and Julia Galef, at the Rationally Speaking podcast

Meet the Real Stoics Taking Psychology Back to the 3rd Century BC, Newsweek

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