Ancient Stoicism

Musonius’ sayings

We have just taken a look at Musonius Rufus’ Lectures, as newly translated by Cynthia King (with preface by Bill Irvine). It is then time to turn to the collection of short Sayings that are part of the same book to further… Read More ›

Musonius’ Lectures

Time to take a look at Musonius Rufus, a preeminent Stoic in Imperial Rome, most famous nowadays for being Epictetus’ teacher (and thus an indirect influence on Marcus Aurelius). My notes in this post and the next are based on a new… Read More ›

Stoic astronomy

The Stoics were not interested just in ethics, even though that was the crucial aspect of their very practical philosophy. In going through the various chapters of the Cambridge Companion to the Stoics, we have looked at aspects of their… Read More ›